Gorgon City feat. Zak Abel– “Unmissable”

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Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

To all my readers and blogger friends: merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

It’s been six long months since my last post, and it’s time I got back to writing. Tonight I’m breaking the silence with a song that’s become an oddly beloved part of my musical history.

Captain Sensible’s bizarre “One Christmas Catalogue” was a staple of our holiday playlists for my first three Christmases in retail. It had been a dreaded part of the Christmas season for my co-workers before I arrived.

“The turkey song,” as it’s known around our store, was one of the signs it was officially the holiday season (by retail standards).  Each year, as we got closer to Thanksgiving, we mocked and bemoaned the inevitable arrival of “the turkey song.” We warned the holiday hires of what was to come; they were never fully prepared for it.

But, we secretly looked forward to the song. It had become a tradition.

We’ve been subjected to some crazy music over the past three-plus years. “One Christmas Catalogue” is top-tier crazy. Yet, this song managed to go from being absolutely insufferable to being something we almost affectionately associate with our store. (I sound like I have retail-related Stockholm syndrome.)

This year we were actually eager for this zany song to make its grand entrance, but it never appeared. We actually missed it– and not just because subjecting the holiday hires to “the turkey song” was twisted fun for us VS veterans. It was kind of a rite of passage at our store.

The song also became a favorite of mine here. I wrote about “One Christmas Catalogue” in my 25 Days of Terrible Christmas Music series two years ago. It reappeared in last year’s song a day series. Now, since I didn’t get to listen to it pretty much every day, multiple times a day, for the past two months, I’m bringing it back for a third year in a row.

Sure, I could have just put it on my iPod and kept it to myself, but where’s the fun in that? I hope you secretly enjoy this one, too.

Merry Christmas!

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RÜFÜS– “Take Me”

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Bombay Bicycle Club– “Carry Me”

“Carry Me,” by Bombay Bicycle Club, is the newest addition to my iPod. We got our new playlist at work last week, and I’m a little obsessed with a few tracks on this latest mix. Instead of posting the music video for this one I have to share this video of Bombay Bicycle Club performing “Carry Me” live on Seattle radio station KEXP.

This post really only needed to be two words: killin’ it.

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Empire of the Sun– “DNA”

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